Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Here are three helpful lists.

By Jonathan Edwards

By David Powlison

By Clyde Kilby via John Piper

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angela and John.

Just come on to your website and absolutely delighted that all is going well with you and especially the fact that you are expecting your 1st child. Also that angela's perseverance and patient has paid off in that she is getting (or may have started) her new position in ERI.

I hope John that you are also getting on with your Thesis.

Norman, DK and Alex Dan were in Uganda for the month of March helping building pews for a Church which is under construction for the African Bible College. It is an American run campus which has been in progress for almost 5 years and is slowly coming to the end of its journey.

As it happens, Kenny John (from the Back congregation) has been there (originally for 4 months, but has now been there fore almost 5 years) and he was at the stage of requiring joiners to help in the construction of pews. How wonderful the prayers of this man in Uganda enabled these 3 to decide to go there and they got on very well. It was quite an experience,in more ways than one.

We are all well and as a congregation, we have been very blessed with the supply acquired by our intermoderator. (It's hard to believe that it will soon be a year since you were here yourselves).

We shall soon again, start the process of looking for a pastor but we know, that in God's own time, he will provide and we cannot go past that.

At Christmas we sent you a wee parcel (recorded delivery) with one or two things and also a recording of the tapes you did whilst you were with us. As we never heard from you, we were assuming that you could not have received this. Unfortunately, I never kept the receipt so I am unable to find out what happened to it. Anyway, these things happen.

Well Angela and John, we do hope and pray that you will continue in good health and that everything will go well for you both, both at work, studying and in your forthcoming event.

With all our love and best wishes to you both. God bless.

Norman, Maretta, Dolina, Maggie and DK.