Monday, February 12, 2007

Taking Over?

Recently we enjoyed a mini RTS reunion at Chris and Liz McCune's in Dunfermline.

Chris and Liz (behind Angela) are church planters working with Mission to the World (the foreign missions board of the PCA). Jonathan (between Chris & me) and Lynsey (opposite Angela) Worthington are in Aberdeen where Jonathan is pursuing a doctorate in NT studies and working as a youth worker at the local Free Church. Alicia McJunkin (between Lynsey & me) is serving as a MTW intern in Inverness.

Additionally, our friends Stephen and Lisa Myers (RTS-Jackson) and Jeff and Jennifer Brannon (RTS-Orlando) are living in Edinburgh, where Stephen and Jeff are also studying at New College. Slowly but surely, RTS is (re)taking over Scotland!

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Cindy Fernandez said...

FOUND YOU! Email me at as I do not know how this blog thing works.

I love you and I miss you! And by the way, you guys look GREAT!