Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's all 'bout the ice cream!

Last Saturday (15 July), Angela and I spent the day in Musselburgh - just 7 miles east of Edinburgh. The 'toun' is pleasantly situated on the River Esk and was originally a Roman settlement (c. AD 80). It's name derives from the abundant mussel beds in the estuary and has a wonderful coastal view of Leith and Edinburgh.

Allegedly James IV played golf here in 1504. But enough history. The real interest of the town is the local ice cream parlor - S Luca's. You won't get 301 flavors here. They only serve the classics: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But they've nearly perfected these favorites. And you would expect so. Luca's has been making ice cream for almost one hundred years!

We had a wonderful day. Here are a few other pictures Angela took. Posted by Picasa

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